11 October 2013



"7" Literal meaning:
[noun] an aimlessly hanging penis, soft and useless

Contextual meaning

[adjective] 1. very stupid, failure to understand the most simple instructions or common sense. e.g.,
- John is very 7 (約翰好柒)
- Paul is so 7 to an extend where he has no friends (保羅柒到冇朋友)
- don't 7 (唔好柒啦)

[verb] 2. hanging aimlessly, doing things of very little or no value at all. e.g.,
- John is 7'ing at home (約翰響屋企柒緊)
- Paul is meeting Mary in thirty minutes but he has nothing to do at the moment. So he decided to 7 a bit at Starbucks (保羅約左瑪利但係未夠鐘。於是佢決定去星巴克柒一陣)

[noun] 3. A direct reference of someone's appearance or actions to 7's literal meaning. e.g.,
- John is even more stupid than a 7 (約翰真係蠢過碌柒)

[adverb] 4. To negatively stress the unpleasant description of something. e.g.,
- John is so 7'ly retarded (約翰真係好柒低能)

[common combinations and idioms]
7 head (柒頭) A stupid person
7 look / 7 mushroom look (柒碌/柒菇碌) A stupid person who physically looks like a 7
so 7 so no friend (柒到冇朋友) so 7 to an extend where one has no friends 
7 with a drumstick (柒撚懵懵食甜筒) being 7 while eating a drumstick

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