17 July 2011

How Google Plus Will Integrate with Google Doc Calendar Reader and Widgets!

Been messing around with Google+ for quite a few days. To me it is a simplistic version of Facebook still in its infant stage.Google Plus IntegrationWe Googlers don't have much to play around at the moment, though we can be sure the big boys at Googleplex aim much more than that. It won't be long until the witty developers start plugging in all its fancy services and apps into this neat yet powerful platform.
Think Google Docs, Calendar, Reader, think how we the users will shape the search results while we allow our posts to be searchable.
This is how I think they might integrate its many services into Google+. And it won't be long until we'll be able to put our hands on them.

Note: I altered the screen shots to mimic my predictions. Nothing below is from Google.

1. Google Plus + Google Calendar

By-event invite button
Google Calendar

Preview and choose individuals / circles
Google Calendar

How it will appear on the stream of the person being invited. While John Doe accept this invitation, this event will be added to John's Calendar automatically
Google Plus

2. Google Plus + Google Doc

A new "Share via Google+" link on the right while you select one of your documents, plus a new item under the "Action" menu

Preview and choose individuals / circles. I'm sure Google will actually standardize this flow of sharing things
click > open > chooose individual> choose circle > share > steam

Or you can activate the share window by clicking the share option at the top right corner within the document itself

This is how it will appear on the steam of the person being shared the document
My guess is there will be options for the owner of the doucment to grant view/edit rights as well

You can share your whole collection of documents if you choose to, with the same intuitive flow of actions

3. Google Plus + Google Reader

Sharing a single article to Google Plus: again a new "Share via Google+" link will be placed at the lower right corner of each piece of content

Sharing a whole feed will be something that looks like this

Same stuff here. Preview and share

How it will appear

4. Google Plus Widgets

One of the ways to possibly integrate services is through adding widgets to your Stream screen. Note the Gmail, Agenda, and Finance widgets are added to the left and right

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